Monday, December 3, 2007

Desert Trip

Questions for Kyle

What do you pack to go to the desert?

We pack wood, water, flashlights and food.

What do you see in the desert?

We see animals, like desert beetles, snakes, camels and goats. We see sand dunes.

What do you do in the desert?

We play games and eat smores.

How is the weather in the desert?

In the day it is hot, but at night it is cold.


The Cefalu Family said...

Hello Kyle,

Jake said, "The desert is hot."

Jenna said, "I want to see the camels in the desert."

Your blog is very nice. Jake and Jenna will have to set one up too. I will wait for you to help them. We miss you!!

Nanny said...

Hello Kyle,
I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and learning about the desert. Can you build a sand castle in the desert like we did at the beach?


Kyle said...

No we can not because there is no water. We need wet sand.

Buca said...

Good morning Kyle,

Buca says hello and is wondering when are you coming back to the US to play ball with him again ?
Buca has been very having fun on the weekends fetching ducks. He has fetched over 45 ducks so far this season. He has two more months of fetching ducks.

Tell your mom, dad and dell hello !!

Aunt B said...

Hello Kyle!

Good to hear from you! You are growing up sooo handsome. I really did not know all the facts about the desert you shared with everyone. Thank you. I told Eddie, Jr. to write you - hopefully he will do that soon. Keep sending new things you have learned so that I can get smarter - talk to you soon! Love you, Aunt B