Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trip Report: Bahrain

Where did you go on your trip?
We went to Bahrain.

Why did you go on the trip?
Because we had a tournament.

Who did you go with?

We went with the Al Ain rugby club.

How did you get there?
We went on the bus to Sharjah. Then we took the airplane.

What did you do on the trip?
We played in the rugby tournament.

What places did you see?
I went to the F1 track and the fort.

What was your favorite part of the trip?
Playing in the rugby tournament.


Nanny said...

I can't believe you flew on an airplane just to play in a tournament. How many games did you play? How many did you win? Did you make some new friends?

Kyle said...

I played 3 games. I played for the Kuwait team for 1 game and I made a
new friend but I don't know his name and he is in Kuwait.