Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poetry Book Review

The Dragon’s Are Singing Tonight
By Jack Prelutsky

In this book there are many poems. Some of the poems are scary and some are not scary. Do you want to hear one? This is one of the poems. This poem is not scary. The name of the poem is “I’m An Amiable Dragon.”

I’m an amiable dragon,
And I have no wish to scare,
Do not tremble at my presence,
Do ignore my lethal stare,
Do not fret about the fire
I unleash into the air,
You are free to pass unchallenged—
But only if you dare!

I like this book because it is scary, and it teaches me some more words. For example, I learned that tremble means to shake with fear. I trembled when my dad read “I Am Boom!”

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Nanny said...

You like scary stories and scary pictures. I will have to buy this book for my students, they also like scary things,at least the boys do.