Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kyle Picking Olives

This painting’s title is “Women Picking Olives.” Vincent Van Gogh painted it. The trees look very scary. The trees look scary because the branches are curly. When the wind blows the trees make a swishing sound. There are so many dull colors in this picture. The dark colors make the picture scary. For example, the ground is grayish and the sky is dark pink. I chose this picture because I like the dull colors.

I imagined that I was one of the ladies in the olive grove. I picked an olive. The olive felt so soft and it was easy to squeeze. The olive tasted bitter. The olive grove smelled like cotton candy perfume.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Global Village in Dubai

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What is the Global Village?

The Global Village is in Dubai. The Global Village is like a giant mall but it is outside. Also, it is a place that people go to learn about different countries like China, Japan, and India.

Why do people go to the Global Village?

People go to the Global Village
1. To hang out with their family.
2. To learn about different countries.
3. To shop for stuff that you can’t find in the mall.
4. To just have fun with their family.
5. To see the shows from different countries.
6. To go on the rides like the Haunted House.
7. To look around.
8. To eat different food from different countries.

What did we do on our trip to the Global Village?

We ate at the Global Village. We ate Saudi food. It was yummy.

We had fun at the Global Village. My brother and I went on a ride called the Haunted House. It was very scary. One of the scary things was a mummy that was in a cage on the roof. I rode my rollerblades all over the Global Village.

We shopped at the Global Village. In Thailand, I bought a flute and my brother bought a toy. In Kenya, my mom bought a gift for my cousin Jenna and my dad bought some coffee.

We saw five shows at the Global Village. We saw a Ukrainian dance, Chinese girls doing hula-hoop in a show, U.A.E. men dancing & singing, Kenyan musicians, and American water stunts. My favorite show was the water stunts. One of the cool things was a man on fire riding a jet ski.

Friday, January 2, 2009