Thursday, February 12, 2009

Traveling In The Philippines

Tuesday January 20

We went to Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is in Manila. There were so many dungeons. The Japanese put the Filipinos and the Americans in the dungeons. At Fort Santiago, we saw Rizal’s furniture and jail cell. Rizal is a Filipino hero who the Spanish shot. Rizal was born on the 19th of June 1861. He wrote a book called Noli Me Tangere and the Spanish got angry.

Thursday January 22

I saw a movie called Bedtime Stories. In Bedtime Stories there was a man that figured out that when the kids tell the story it would come true. It was funny. The guinea pig’s eyes were so big.

Sunday January 25

We visited my great grandparents. They live in Pasig in Manila. I have only one living great grandpa. My grandpa and me are the same height. I am taller than my great grandma. Their house was small like it was one room. My grandpa was a carpenter a long time ago. He built the second floor of his house by himself. I call my grandparents Nanay and Tatay, which means mother and father.

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Monday January 26

On Chinese New Year we went to Calamba, Laguna. I sang on my great uncle’s karaoke and I got four perfect scores. It is the year of the ox.

Wednesday January 28

We had a blessing at my parent’s office. A blessing is to bless every one to give them good luck at their work. The priest came and splashed holy water in each corner. I had to hold a candle and wax burned my hand. At the blessing my mom threw so many 5 peso coins and I got 255 pesos.

Thursday January 29

I watched a movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua. In Beverly Hills Chihuahua there was a rich dog. She has a friend that used to be a police dog. He lost his job because he lost his scent. It was very funny. For example a dog said " I never brushed my teeth before it tastes minty. I call it meaty."

Friday January 30

I went to Pixie Forest at the Festival Mall in Alabang. Pixie Forest is an arcade. I played so many games and rode two rides. I played a game called Spin-N-Win and I won199 tickets. My brother and I rode the Elfin Waves. The Elfin Waves is a ride. You sit in a log and go up and down very fast. We got a little wet.