Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Friend Lewis

Lewis and I

If you want to see how Lewis and I are alike, read this. We both have two nationalities. Our dads are American and our moms are from Asia. We like to watch the same kind of movies. We watch Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies together. We both like to go to the rugby club. At the rugby club we play rugby. We both like to eat grilled turkey sandwiches at the rugby club. Now you see how we are alike.

Lewis, Del, and Kyle standing on the Great Pyramid in Cairo.

Ski Dubai for Easter

We went to Ski Dubai for Easter. We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ski Dubai or Dubai Aquarium?

Ski Dubai
Dubai Aquarium
2 x Child
1x Adult
Child 150
Adult 80
Total 230
Child 100
Adult 50
Total 150
Play in the snow


Do tricks on a sled

Ride a tube down the slope
Learn about aquatic animals

Watch the fish swim
Been to Ski Dubai
Been to an aquarium in New Orleans
Ski Dubai, because we can have more fun.

Cairo Rugby Tour


We are going to Cairo on Thursday for a rugby tournament. While we are in Cairo, we are going to see the pyramids. There are two kinds of pyramids, the straight-sided pyramid and the step pyramid. We are going to see the Great Pyramid at Giza, a straight-sided pyramid. I hope we see the Sphinx.

Did you know that Lower Egypt is actually in the north? Cairo is in Lower Egypt.

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We went to Egypt. In Egypt, my brother and I played in a rugby tournament. At the rugby tournament my team and I won first, but my brother’s team came in second. Do you want to know what I got for winning? I got a T-shirt, a medal, and a pyramid, and I will get a picture for the wall.

On the next day we saw the Pyramids of Giza. We even got to see the Sphinx. Be careful there are a lot of beggars. The beggars trick you. They trick you by asking “Can I take the picture?” and you let them and they ask for money.

We took so many planes and buses. We rode five buses and two planes. My brother likes to ride planes just to get the food, but I just like to relax and watch TV, if they have TV’s.

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