Thursday, December 3, 2009

National Day in the UAE

My School Celebration

National day is the day that the United Arab Emirates was formed. National day is celebrated on the 2nd of December, but we celebrated it on 24th of November at my school. The day started with assembly. We had to stand for a very long time. We stood up just to wait for the kindergarten students. After assembly grades 3-9 watched a slide show that Mrs. Fatima made. It showed places for tourist to go and types of transposition in the UAE. Grade 1-2 students had to stamp their fingerprints on a big piece of paper. After it looked like the UAE flag. After all that we had to watch performances. The only problem was that all the performances were in Arabic but not all of us speak Arabic or understand Arabic. Then we all ate. Most of the food was dessert,which was delicious. After we ate we went home. I liked the celebration.

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