Monday, July 26, 2010

Letter to Mrs. Green

Dear Mrs. Green,

My family and I just got back from vacation at Point Clear, Alabama. We did a lot of water activities like water fights, kayaking, and riding water slides. We had a lot of fun at the bay and the pool.

Every day we would go see a cannon being fired to honor the veterans and the active soldiers. It made a loud noise, but there was no projectile. At the cannon firing, I learned that the hotel we were in was an old hospital. That means lots of people died there which could explain the ghost in the picture my cousin found in the lobby.

How was your vacation? Did you have fun?

Your Student ,


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Anonymous said...

What a great letter you wrote. Your vacation sounds neat and it seems that you learned somethings as well. My vacation is going great, but almost over soon. I am really excited about the upcoming year and my new classroom.
Tell your family that I said hello and I will be seeing you here at school real soon.
Love always,
Mrs. Green